For 80 years, the Critz family, Critz Auto Group and its employees have been committed to serving its community beyond selling and servicing vehicles.  We give generously to our community financially and through volunteerism.  Each year, we plan our annual giving with the Critz family members. While we would love to support everyone, unfortunately, we are unable to do so.

Our stewardship is centered in the communities in which we live, and is focused on:
Education & Youth Development   |   Historic Preservation   |   Health & Wellness   |  Arts & Culture

Please be aware that we are asked to donate to many charities and individuals. If your organization or event meets these guidelines, please submit this form for review. A completed form does not guarantee a donation. Due to the number of donation requests we receive, we are not able to fulfill all requests.

*We only consider donation requests submitted on this form, at least 30 days prior to the event.

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